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​​​​ XCEL Team Program

CEG is now offering an alternative to our traditional team program. XCEL is a competition program with levels Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum & Diamond.

Please contact Coach Paige & Coach Juliana at xcel@cascadeelite.com for more information. ​


18 months to 3 years old

Bouncin' Bunnies is a parent participation class with structure provided by a CEG instructor. This 30 minute class focuses on basic gymnastics concepts and the exploration of movement through climbing, jumping, running, and walking

Bouncin' Bunnies- 30 min


3 to 4 years old

Little gymnasts learn a progression of gymnastics skills on specially sized equipment. Students enjoy time on the trampoline and, when restrictions lift further, the rope swing and foam pit. Emphasis is placed on having FUN, as well as building social skills, listening, and following directions. As students move into the 1-hour classes, additional emphasis is placed on the building of specific gymnastics skills, confidence, strength, and flexibility.

Movin' Monkeys- 45 min (Beginner Class)

Leapin' Leopards- 1 hour (Invite Only)

​Tumblin' Tigers- 1 hour (Invite Only)


5 years old to High School

CEG offers a full range of classes for the beginner to the advanced student. Gymnasts are able to participate in a variety of activities; tumbling, beam, vault, pommel horse, rings, and trampoline, depending on the class and individual student level. Boys and girls are placed separately to allow each to focus on their own set of events. However, the 

Jr. High and High School tumbling

class is co-ed. You can find additional information on the classes below.

Girls Beginner and Boys Level 1:

Introduction to gymnastics. This is for students who are new to the sport or still learning the basic fundamentals. Skills learned in this level include forward roll, learning how to go upside down for handstand and cartwheel, walking on the beam, and basic bars.

Girls Level 1 and Boys Level 2:

In this class students build on the fundamentals learned in Beginner. Handstand and cartwheels closer to vertical, forward and back rolls on the floor instead of a mat, etc. Skills are expected to be performed with less assistance, and we begin to instill an awareness for form and artistry. 

​Girls Level 2: 

The more challenging skills from level 1 are expected to be performed without assistance. Handstand and cartwheel through vertical, using the tall beams, and developing a sense of air awareness. 

Girls Level 3-5:

These classes are an hour and a half, focusing more on developing strength and flexibility than in previous classes. Advanced skills are introduced, including dismounts, combination tumbling, leaps and handstands on beam, handsprings, etc. Must demonstrate a mastery of the basics to be promoted to these levels.

Boys level 3:

This hour and a half class is the top level for the Boys recreational program. Additional focus on strength and flexibility, as well as introducing advanced skills that build on the fundamentals learned in level 1 and 2. Must demonstrate a mastery of the basics to be promoted to these levels. 



Class Programs


TEEN TUMBLING (not offered at this time)

​Our Teen Tumbling class is for students over 11 years old who are interested in learning both the basic and more advanced floor techniques. Beginners may work weight transfer skills like handstand and cartwheel, while more experienced athletes will be working towards round off back handspring, front handsprings, connecting front and back tucks, and introducing twisting. 


Cascade Elite is a USA Gymnastics training

center with outstanding team programs. We offer levels 3-10 for girls and levels

3-10 for boys. Our enthusiastic coaches are knowledgeable, well trained, and have achieved success at all levels.

Please email frontdesk@cascadeelite.com if you would like to know more information about our Team Program.