New to our program? We offer one free trial class!  Depending on age, new students will start in either Bouncin' Bunnies

(18 months - 3 yrs), Movin' Monkeys (3-4yrs), Girls Beginner (girls 5-12), Boys Level 1 (boys 5-12), or Teen Tumbling (ages 12-18). If you sign up for a different level than indicated above, your request will be denied. Next, find the "Create Account" button on the home screen, and follow the prompts to add you and your child(ren)'s information and sign the policies. Next, request the class that best fits. Once we approve your request you will receive a notification, and you're set! 

Your trial will hold your spot in that class until the end of the lesson. If you would like to register, please do so on the day of your trial to guarantee your spot- we can only hold your spot until the end of business day on the day of your trial.  If you do not come back to the front desk to register for the remainder of the session, your enrollment will automatically be deleted from our system.


After signing into your iclass account, use the following screens to help find your recommended level. WE WILL NOT APPROVE A LEVEL REQUEST ABOVE THE RECOMMENDED LEVEL. Doing so may risk losing your space in the session, as classes may fill before we can respond to your email.  Once approved, you will receive a notification email, and you're set!‚Äč

Once your request has been approved, we will enter the correct charges for the session.  We kindly ask you to pay your balance owing before the first class, to guarantee your spot in the class.

Below are instructions for how to see what level your child was recommended and how to request a class for the upcoming session.