If you have not been with CEG before, or have taken an extended amount of time off, you will be required to do a trial class in order for our staff to evaluate your child's current skill set and put them in the best level for them.

Below are instructions for how to see what level was recommended for your child, and how to request a class for the upcoming session.

 Classes will be automatically approved if age and skill level prerequisites are met*. We recommend having a credit card file to speed   up your registration. 

 Preschool classes will still be submitted for approval, as well as any request that does not meet the age and level prerequisite.

 **Due to several of our coaches graduating, we currently have more of a demand for classes than staff to run them. We are in the   process of training new coaches, however this means we will not have as many classes come the Fall Session as we usually due. We   sincerely apologize for this but our new coaches will be ready to take on more classes in Session 2. 

 Online Registration:

 Group 1 August 8th at 10 am - currently enrolled
 Group 2 August 9th at 10 am - currently waitlisted
 Group 3 August 10th at 10 am - open enrollment (new/not actively enrolled students)

 *Make sure you know their level before your group registers: 
 To find out their recommended level - log into your account. Go to the students tab. Click on the "edit student". Scroll to the bottom   to see the "student custom fields" box that will have the level.

 Incorrect levels (if too high or too low) requested will be denied. Classes will be locked by skill level passed (e.g. their skill level   indicated is “Girls Level 1” any request for a higher level class will be sent in as a request for approval.)

 Payment for class: 
 If not auto approved, payment is due within 24hrs of the approval email being sent. If there is no payment within that window, that   class will be dropped. 

 When Registering, if the Anniversary Fee has not been already billed for the year (starting in February) it will automatically added to   your cart at checkout.

 As noted in our previous Registration email, starting this Session (Aug 28th - Oct 21st 2023) 
 We will no longer be prorating tuition unless registration is after the session has started, and we will prorate for the number of   classes left. We are making this change as we are holding a spot for the whole session versus class by class registration.

 Priority Registration: Reminder 
 All actively enrolled students will be assigned a registration keyword to allow them priority registration. You do not need a password   as it is automatically assigned to the student’s account. 
 Do note that this will only allow currently enrolled students to register in this group for the upcoming session. If you have multiple   registered or waitlisted children, this only applies to students actively enrolled in the current session. The waitlisted sibling will be   included in Group 2 with registration on August 9th. 
 It will continue to be on a space-availability basis, if you are not able to get into a class you will be able to request up to 3 different   choices for a waitlist. Please list out 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices in the “Anything else we need to know” box before submitting your   request. Any waitlist requests over 3 will be deleted. 

 Transfer requests need to be sent via your account. Go to accounts/students/enrollments and click on the transfer button. Levels   requests are approved on a space available basis, and must be same level or one below.

 ​​If you are attending a class at CEG currently, or within the last couple of sessions, please read below for information   on how to register for the upcoming session.

**Due to several of our coaches graduating, we currently have more of a demand for classes than staff to run them.   We are in the process of training new coaches, however this means we will not have as many classes come the Fall   Session as we usually due. We sincerely apologize for this but our new coaches will be ready to take on more classes in Session  2. 




 We offer one free trial class for level placement. Depending on age,   new students will start in the following classes:

​ Bouncin' Bunnies (co-ed 18mo - 3.5 yr) 

 Movin' Monkeys (co-ed 4yr - 5 yr)

 Girls Beginner (5yr - 7yr)

 Girls Level 1 (8yr - 12yr)

 Boys Level 1 (5yr - 12 yr)

 Teen Tumbling (co-ed 11yr - 18yr)

 Create an account via the customer portal to register. 

 Please note that it may take a 1-2 business days for approval. 

 The trial can be scheduled in any introductory class level, with availability, for   the appropriate age of the student. The trial holds your spot in that class until   the end of the lesson. To guarantee your spot in the class you need to register   at the end of class. 

To sign up for a trial, create an account via the customer portal. Follow the prompts to create student profiles, then select a class via the age guidelines below.

 For currently/recently enrolled students:

​ Know their level (scroll to down for instructions on where to see their current level)

 For recreational level classes (ages 5yo - 11 yo), classes will be auto-approved and payment collected at registration

 If you are a currently enrolled student and it is submitted as a request we'll look at it to see if there is an issue with the class (age or level)

 If you are a returning student (not currently enrolled) the enrollment will be submitted for approval

 Preschool classes will still be submitted for approval. Payment is due 24 hrs from when approval email is sent to email on account   

 If the class you want is full, you can request up to three waitlisted spots

 Transfer requests need to be sent via your account

​ More detailed information regarding registrations and payment is below