Below are instructions for how to see what level was recommended for your child, and how to request a class for the upcoming session.

If you are new to the program, there will not be any recommended level so please request a trial in the appropriate level as listed below. 


After signing into your iclass account, use the following screens to help find your recommended level. If you have attended classes at CEG before but there is no recommended level in your student's account, please contact the Front Desk the week before registration to get the correct level.

We will not approve a request above the recommended level (even if the level you want is full).

Doing so may risk losing your space in the session, as classes may fill before we can respond to your email.  

Once approved, you will receive a registration approval email that lists the level approved, day and time of the week, along with the charges. Tuition needs to be paid before the start of the session to guarantee your spot. Please use the notes section to share any info needed at the time of registration.

If registering at the start of a new session, please contact us the week before the day of registration as it will take us a few business days to respond to emails/voicemails once the classes are open for registering, and they may fill up before we can respond to your inquiry. 


We offer one free trial class!  Depending on age, new students will start in the following classes:

Bouncin' Bunnies (co-ed 18m - 3 yrs) 

Movin' Monkeys (co-ed 3 - 4yrs)

Girls Beginner (girls 5 - 12yrs) 

Boys Level 1 (boys 5 - 12 yrs)

Teen Tumbling (co-ed ages 12 - 18yrs)

The request will be denied if you sign up for a class other than indicated above.

First click on "Create Account"  on the home page. You will be taken to our customer portal. Then select "Click to Begin".  Then select "Create account". Follow the prompts to add your and your child(ren)'s information. Approve the policies. Then request a trial in the appropriate class. A request will be sent to us, and we will need to review/approve it. Once we approve your request you will receive an email notification that lists the level approved, day and time of the week that the trial is scheduled, as well as how to check-in, dress code, etc. Please note that it may take a 1-2 business days for approval. 

Your trial will hold your spot in that class until the end of the lesson. If you would like to register, please do so on the day of your trial to guarantee your spot.  We can only hold your spot until the end of business day on the day of your trial.  Your enrollment will automatically be deleted from our system unless you  come back to the front desk to register for the remainder of the session.