CEG Families:

Based on the new guidance from the CDC we are adjusting and clarifying our quarantine policy to the following:

COVID Positive Athlete:

If an athlete becomes positive for COVID-19, he or she must quarantine for 5 days from the onset of symptoms OR the day of a positive test whichever is LATER. The onset of symptoms or test day will be considered day ZERO. If the athlete shows no symptoms and is vaccinated, she may take an at-home antigen test on day 5. If this test is negative, the athlete may return to practice on day 6, but must wear a mask AT ALL TIMES on days 6-10. We will modify assignments as necessary to ensure the athlete does not remove their mask during workout. If the day 5 test is positive, the athlete will continue the quarantine for another 5 days for a total of 10 days from day zero. If the athlete is unvaccinated or continues to show symptoms, they must quarantine for 10 full days from day zero. For clarification: if an asymptomatic athlete tests positive for COVID and then at any point begins showing symptoms, day ZERO starts over on the onset of symptoms.

Summary for COVID positive vaccinated/no symptoms:

-Symptoms/positive test (whichever is later) = day ZERO

-Day 5 = take at home test

– 1) if positive quarantine for 5 additional days, return on day 11

-2) if negative return on day 6 WEAR MASK AT ALL TIMES for day 6-10

Summary for COVID positive unvaccinated/showing symptoms:

- Symptoms/positive test (whichever is later) = day ZERO

-Quarantine for 10 days and return on day 11

COVID Positive Household:

If a member of an athlete’s household tests positive, we have to be very cautious with this new, more contagious variant. The athlete must quarantine for 5 days beginning from the test date of the positive family member. The athlete may test on day 5. If the athlete is showing no symptoms and the test is negative, she may return to work out and diligently wear her mask for day 6-10. If the athlete at any point exhibits even the mildest of symptoms, this would then be considered “onset of symptoms” and she should stay home, retest and if positive, follow the protocol above for COVID positive.

Summary COVID positive in household:

Stay home 5 days – test. If negative and no symptoms, return day 6. Wear mask day 6-10. Monitor closely for symptoms. Quarantine and retest as symptoms arise.

We will continue to provide as much information to the team as possible regarding positive cases or exposures in the gym. We want to keep everyone healthy and we need your help to continue to do that! The staff will continue with consistent reminders to sanitize between events and keep distance in the gym whenever possible, especially during snack times when masks are off. We will continue to remind the students to sit 6 or more feet from one another and wear their masks whenever they are in proximity to one another. Please remind your own children to maintain their distances and create space between themselves and others.

Please be aware that symptoms of the omicron variant are similar to common cold or flu and can be very mild (especially in vaccinated/boosted individuals). Please, please, PLEASE keep your kids home and test them if they experience ANY cold or flu like symptoms including: sore throat, runny nose and congestion, headache, cough, fatigue, shortness of breath, fever/chills, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea, loss of taste or smell or body aches. As usual, reach out to us if you have any questions at all. We are doing a good job so far keeping COVID from spreading in the gym. Let’s keep it up!

- CEG Staff (1/10/2022)

Covid 19 Policies and Information

​​​​​​​​​​​UPDATED 6/16/22:
Face coverings at CEG are now optional for all students, coaches, and spectators.

We will respect every individual’s personal choice to either continue wearing a face covering during practice or not.

We will continue to encourage cleanliness and frequent hand washing/sanitizing.

Face coverings are optional; respect is mandatory!