Krystal coaches Girls Optionals Gymnastics

Hailey is the Events Director and coaches Boys and Girls Recreational classes

Lindsey coaches Girls

Recreational classes

Zak coaches Boys Compulsory gymnastics. He was a competitive gymnast on both CEG's Boys Team and the Washington Men's Gymnastic Team. 

Jessica coaches Recreational and Preschool classes

* Did gymnastics for 14 years at SCATS Gymnastics in Huntington Beach, CA
* Graduated and competed for the University of Washington where he was a senior captain.
* Has been coaching recreational and competitive gymnastics in Washington state for the past 4 years.

James has been Girls Team Head Coach at CEG for 14 seasons, coached gymnastics for almost 30 years and has loved the sport of gymnastics for 4 decades! 

Paige coaches Girls Xcel

Han coaches Girls

Recreational Gymnastics

Tara coaches compulsory girls gymnastics and recreational preschool 

Maddie coaches Girls

Recreational classes. Prior to coaching she was a competitive gymnast here at CEG for over 10 years. 

Ian coaches Girls Optionals Gymnastics

Juliana coaches Girls Xcel Team

Cora was a competitive gymnast at CEG for over 10 years prior to coaching. Currently she coaches Girls Xcel Pre-Team and Girls Rec classes 

Ewan coaches boys recreational gymnastics and has been a competitive gymnast at CEG for six years and counting. 

Teya coaches Girls and

Boys Recreational classes. Did gymnastics at CEG growing up. Loves working with kids and favorite event is floor. 

Jamie coaches Boys and Girls Recreational Classes

Dylan coaches Girls

Recreational classes. She was a competitive gymnast at CEG for 7 years. She loves gymnastics and teaching it to young gymnasts. 

Brody coaches Compulsory Boys Gymnastics. He started gymnastics when he was 8 years old in Spokane, WA at Dynamic Gymnastics. He has been a gymnast for 14 years and is currently going into his senior year as the UW team captain. 

Ruthie coaches Recreational Girls gymnastics

Amy coaches Recreational

and Preschool classes

Jon was a junior athlete for 11 years. Attended the University of Washington and competed for the Huskies. He has now been a coach in Washington for 16 years and won the WA State coach of the year award in 2022. He is the Boys Team Director at Cascade Elite Gymnastics. He has grown that program and helped it become one of the largest most successful boys programs in the state. He is the definition of leader and role model for all coaches and athletes in Washington.